Founded in 1986, PageOne Financial is committed to bringing institutional quality asset management to all investors. Our comprehensive suite of portfolio strategies is governed by experience and discipline, using advanced methods to analyze current market conditions and reposition investments accordingly. All of our core strategies rely on decades of research to seek high total returns during constructive economic environments while maintaining a preservation approach during protracted market downturns. The combination of PageOne’s institutional-quality asset management and your financial advisor’s expertise assures that your portfolio is powered by a knowledgeable team with a shared goal—guiding your portfolio through complex market environments.

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Asset Allocation
A portfolio’s mix of stocks, bonds, and cash—the three major asset classes—is a critical driver of an investor’s performance. In addition, the “optimal” mix will frequently change throughout the portfolio’s lifespan based on economic trends, monetary policy, valuation, and a confluence of other factors. PageOne seeks to leverage this important concept by dynamically adjusting its clients’ investments in response to, or in advance of, changing market conditions. PageOne’s investment process always begins with the same goal: creating responsive portfolios that are well positioned for the current market environment.

Preservation of Capital
The effect of market volatility warrants proper risk management. Portfolios may have identical average returns, yet if they undergo varying levels of volatility their compounded total returns will differ, with the less volatile portfolio outperforming its more volatile counterpart. Using cash equivalents and other historically low risk asset classes during  bear markets is critical to both the preservation of capital and properly positioning assets for subsequent gains.

Tactical Approach
We define tactical in terms of opportunity and risk management. Opportunity refers to our goal of adjusting portfolios as market conditions change, in contrast to strategic asset allocation which is generally based on historical data and does not incorporate market forces outside of long-term risk, return, and correlation assumptions. We approach risk management with an understanding that a steep market downturn can dramatically change an investor’s financial position regardless of risk profile or age. Therefore, we incorporate changes in market risk into our strategies, an added level of attention that we view as indispensable. 

Market Conditions
Interest rates, economic growth rates, inflation, and market psychology are always shifting, and each change has an important effect on the direction of asset prices. The value of a static fixed income portfolio is highly sensitive to changes in interest rates, while stock valuations are influenced by the broad economy’s growth prospects. Further, it’s important to remember that the financial markets are, above all, driven by the buy and sell decisions of investors. Because of this, prices can often deviate from their “intrinsic value”. PageOne constructs its portfolios to take advantage of changes in market conditions, actively changing allocations to seek out the best opportunity for the current environment.